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About Me
I'm 18 years old, I live in Mayfield NY.

I will be 19 on October 13th. I'm currently dating Vicky C. from Fultonville. I love her and all but not like a love I felt for the last 2 girls in my life. I only really dated 3 girls in my life. First girl I was with was Rebecca Blood, We got together on October 11th 2003.

I was with her for almost 3 years. Even though we did get along to good deep down inside I loved her. Sometimes I don't blame her for how she treated me. Because I was always talking online to other girls and trying to get with them. Until one day we got in a fight and she went to bed. I started talking to this chick named Deena Depew.

She started talking to me on Myspace. She was 17 from St. Johnsville, We got together on February 19th 2006. We made it for almost 4 months. Her mother never liked me. I guess according to her we broke up because of her mother and the fact I would call a lot because I was bored and missed her. But I truly think most of it was because of her mother. The third girl I got with and still currently with is Vicky.

Vicky is a OK girl I guess. She's sweet and all but there are some down falls, I don't know if we can work around them or not. Her mother hates me for sure I know that. She cuts herself to which I don't like to, but I guess just currently she stopped doing that. I know she is trying her best to improve and show me how much she love's me. But this hole devil evil gothic shit jots to go I hate it. Well I guess thats all of my life either like it or not.